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Lau's Flowers, Inc.
Premium Quality Artificial Flowers

Lau’s Flowers Inc. is a family-owned premium quality artificial flower company. We pride ourselves in offering life-like and real-touch flowers to the decorative market, as our flowers are precise replications of their natural counterparts.

With new advances in technology and engineering, our flowers are even more life-like than ever. Our designers truly understand the color and beauty that flowers can provide to a decorative piece, and thus our flowers are always of the highest quality and taste.

The best thing about premium quality artificial flowers? Not only are they cost-effective, they're also always in bloom, and you'll get to cherish them for a lifetime!

Here at Lau’s Flowers Inc, customer service is of the utmost importance and therefore we make it our mission to completely satisfy all of our consumer's requests and desires. We look forward to serving you and your floral needs.


Lau's Flowers, Inc.
1432 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230


Phone: 718-717-7767
Fax:.... 718-717-7593
Email: Info@Lausflowers.com